Why Buckwheat Honey?

Buckwheat honey has been proven effective in advancing the wound-healing process through a variety of mechanisms.
The anti-oxidant properties in Buckwheat honey assist in wound closure and help to stimulate the wound healing process. This means wounds are healing faster and better without the risk of further complications that could be a great hindrance to the lives of patients.The mix of Buckwheat honey with our patented formulations, creates a microbial barrier to prevent life threatening bacteria from penetrating through the dressing while it is in use. In addition, studies have shown buckwheat honey has anti-microbial activity against anti-biotic-resistant pathogens.

How Are We Different?

Our patented technology provides us with a significant competitive advantage as we meet all the mechanisms of action of an ideal wound dressing.

  • Antibacterial Activity

  • Autolytic Debridement

  • Skin Regeneration (anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities)

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Antibacterial Activity

  • Very broad spectrum of activity (antifungal as well)

  • Effective against antibiotic-resistant species

Debriding Action

  • Acts to activate plasminogen which lyses fibrin attaching slough

  • Prevents formation of eschar and scabs

Pending FDA Approval.

Anti-inflammatory Activity

  • Many reports of clinical observation of a decrease in symptoms of inflammation

  • Biochemical and histological studies have demonstrated decreased inflammation

  • Acts to inhibit phagocytosis, the start of the inflammatory response

Antioxidant Activity

  • Contains plant phenolics from the nectar source

  • Scavenges reactive oxygen species which act as messengers between cells to increase the inflammatory process and cause hypertrophic scarring

  • Decreases oxidative activation of proteases which destroy the matrix and growth factors

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Pending FDA Approval.