BEECure™ R was developed with patients in mind, for those undergoing radiation and laser therapy, as well as those exposed to heat and sun.

BEECure™ R is a radiation and laser skin care moisturizer that soothes, hydrates and revives skin.

Studies have shown that buckwheat honey has superior inherent healing properties due to its higher anti-inflammatory and higher anti-oxidant activities.

BEECure™ R Radiation & Laser Skin Care

  • Dark Buckwheat Honey
    In a study of radiation therapy patients,  medicinal honey was shown to be more effective in pain relief, itching, and irritation compared to conventional treatment on healing of radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity.


    Calendula was shown to be highly effective for the prevention of acute dermatitis grade 2 or higher in a study of 254 patients who underwent breast cancer surgery and were to receive postoperative radiation therapy.

    In a study of women undergoing radiotherapy who also developed radiodermatitis, Bisabolol (active ingredient of chamomile) showed superior effects compared to other products evaluated in relation to it’s soothing effects.

    Jojoba Seed Oil
    Effective as a protective barrier to keep skin hydrated. Contains natural Vitamin E to work with skin as an anti-oxidant.

    Shea Butter
    Restores elasticity of mature skin, prevents cellular damage, and revitalizes skin through increased cellular activity.

    Rosemary Leaf Extract
    Studies shown effectiveness towards skin hydration and relieving dry skin, a common condition caused by radiation or laser therapy.

    Willow Bark Extract
    Demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, and skin- protective benefits in vitro for radiation therapy patients.