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As you may know, Sanmelix is a proven leader in wound and skin care.
With our patented formulations combining nature and science, we offer a breadth of high-quality natural remedies and treatments that are all backed by clinical research.
One of our lead investors, Evan Greenberg, portfolio manager of the LegendCap Opportunity Fund, recently gifted us with a compelling testimonial video!
In today’s blog we are going to highlight some of the important topics that Evan touched on.

Creating a Better Future

At LegendCap, Evan and his team understand that when it comes to investments, it’s not all just about profit. It’s about investing in products that are going to make the world a better place.
He is elated with his partnership in SanMelix, knowing that our proven Buckwheat Honey solutions are a much better alternative to most products that are artificially created in a lab.
We stand by our product and will continue helping people live happier, healthier lives with our one-of-a-kind natural remedies and treatments.

Market and Investment Opportunities That are Built for Growth

By getting our products patented, it allows us a better opportunity of getting a Premarket Notification 510(K) so that all of our products are able to be sold commercially.
Some of our products are already being sold over the counter and through Amazon, so it’s quite possible that SanMelix will become a household name in the years to come.
Evan believes that the ability to affect change through life sciences without having to spend top dollar is very valuable.
This is something that the average investor can appreciate and resonate with.
He is equipped with the knowledge that SanMelix stands a very sustainable competitive advantage, and it’s not just about the development of the products.
It’s also about our management team that’s behind it, the addressable market that we’re serving, and what are some of the big trends in health care these days.

Invest in SanMelix on StartEngine!

For more information, we encourage you to watch the full investor testimonial video from our dear friend Even Greenberg!
Our equity crowdfunding raise is far from over, and we’re looking for like-minded individuals who believe in making an impact to better our world’s future.
If this sounds like you, head over to our StartEngine raise page and join our investor community today!
We look forward to having you as part of the SanMelix family.

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