The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in SanMelix on StartEngine

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SanMelix will be the first market with a buckwheat honey based FDA medical device for healing.
We were able to combine nature and science to develop our patented BEECure® products.
I would like to highlight the top five reasons to consider investing in SanMelix on StartEngine.

The Market is Buzzing

The first reason is this is a multi-billion dollar business opportunity.
The global skin and wound care market is a $26 billion business. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a rise in healthcare admissions and increased awareness of infection control.

Superior Natural Remedies

The second reason is we chose buckwheat honey due to its superior medicinal properties.
By 2050, over 10 million people per year are projected to die from super infections, including those acquired in healthcare facilities. SanMelix dressing solved this worldwide threat by standardizing the antimicrobial activity and its dressing to prevent the super infections.
In addition, studies have shown that buckwheat honey has higher anti-inflammatory and higher antioxidant activities than Manuka honey products.

Multiple Skin and Wound Care Uses

The third reason to invest in SanMelix is our products have multiple skin and wound care uses.
BEECure® has universal appeal with a line of products suitable for a wide variety of ailments. Our advanced wound care dressings have the three mechanisms of wound healing: debridement, skin regeneration and infection control.
Our radiation and laser skincare cream with Calendula soothes the skin damaged by radiation and laser therapy. Our after sun lotion, hydrates dry skin from sunburn.
Additional advanced wound care and skincare formulations are scheduled to launch in 2022.

Achievements and Traction

SanMelix has patented award winning products and superior investor support.
Our patented formulations have received multiple accolades since being introduced, including the Amazon Choice Award with over 105 star reviews, the prestigious Stevie Award, and the Mom's Choice Award.
In addition, we’ve received over $2 million in investor funding.

Team of Visionaries

The final reason to invest is we have a renowned team of healthcare experts.
SanMelix was co-founded by Dr. Kenneth Sabacinski, a Harvard trained Podiatric surgeon who dedicated his life to wound care. Ed Quilty is a former CEO of Derma Sciences, and one of the country's most knowledgeable individuals in the advanced wound care honey space.
I am a former co-founder of a company listed on the Inc 500 fastest growing private company list.
With this team of experts, we can scale operations to drive growth.

Invest in SanMelix on StartEngine Today!

At SanMelix, we are assisting people in changing their lives for the better.
Our team hopes you will invest today and help us heal others and increase overall health and happiness.
Join our community of early shareholders on StartEngine!
BEE well.

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