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SanMelix Laboratories is a bioactive skin and wound care company and it's based on the common ingredient of buckwheat honey.
We chose buckwheat honey because of its superior medicinal properties. We recently held an exclusive investor Q&A webinar where we were able to talk about how we got started, what our mission is, and give investors a chance to ask their burning questions.
In case you missed it, here are some of the important topics that were talked about in our recent discussion.

Why Did We Get Started?

“Over 50 million people globally have chronic and hard to close wounds. Dr. Sabacinski has dedicated his life to treating these types of patients.
He is a Harvard trained podiatric surgeon who has been searching for treatments for diabetic foot ulcers and has combined nature plus science to create his unique patented formulations.”

What Problems do SanMelix Products Solve?

“One problem we solve is the antimicrobial resistance crisis. Currently, they're killing 700,000 people per year. By the year 2050, it is anticipated that they will kill 10 million people per year.
In addition, one in 25 patients in the US and our healthcare facilities will also get super infections or what they call healthcare acquired infections.
A second problem that we're looking to solve are diabetic foot ulcers. Twenty-six million patients will develop these.”

What Products are Coming Down the Pipeline?

“This year, we launched our BEECure R radiation and laser skincare. We also have our BEECure after sun lotion, which we have in prototype and should be launched at either the end of this year, or the beginning of next year.
Our BEECure M, which is our patented formulation and BEECure Buckley Honey dressing, is with the FDA and the 510(k) application has been filed.
We also just recently received a patent for our third formulation, and we'll be creating additional products with that in 2022.”

SanMelix Reviews and Rewards

“If you go to Amazon, you'll see over a hundred reviews, almost all five stars. We've also received seven Amazon Choice Awards.
In terms of other awards we've received, we were a Stevie Award Winner for the best new health and pharmaceutical product, which is a very prestigious business award.
For our after sun care prototype, we received the Mom's Choice Award. So if you want to get real upbeat on the company, just go to Amazon and read the reviews, they're great.”

Market Opportunity

“The skin and wound care market is a very large market, 26 billion globally. We are going to focus on the U.S. market, which is $10 billion and our projections by the year 2025 is to have 24 to 25 million in revenue. We have a 75% average gross margin, and we are anticipating a positive EBIDA by 2023.
Our Go-To-Market plan for the dressings, we are first going to reach out to the government. We have on our team some ex-military, high level physicians who have worked in the DOD and VA systems and that's who we have continued to reach out to.

Invest in SanMelix on StartEngine!

We need your help to bring the SanMelix mission to life!
We have previously raised $1.07M from the crowd, and are now giving you the opportunity to become a part of our early investor community on StartEngine.
If there is still anything left unanswered, please head over to our website or visit our raise page for more information.
We look forward to achieving future milestones with you on the SanMelix team.

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