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Developed with patients in mind and dermatologist approved, BEECure® R is designed for those undergoing radiation and laser therapy, as well as those exposed to the heat and sun.

Infused with powerful dark buckwheat honey, calming calendula, shea butter, jojoba seed oil and other nutrient-rich ingredients, BEECure® R soothes, hydrates and revives red, irritated, itchy, dry, damaged skin.


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100% Dermatologist Approved.


SanMelix's Buckwheat Honey

Bioactive Wound Care Solutions


I wish i had it day one

"BEECure has been incredible. After two weeks, I was like, 'Did I even have radiation?' Truly. I was blown away!"

Interview with the Morning Blend

"Now we are drawing your attention to some medical news that you may not have heard of before... I've been hearing that it has fantastic results!"

2X Cancer Survivor

"It's something every mom should have in their diaper bag... and I hope it's helpful for other breast cancer survivors, too!"


Open to the general public for voting, more than 92,000 votes were cast in 2021. Among the amazing list of winners was San Melix's BEECure® R, which won People's Choice in the Health & Pharmaceutical category.

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Winner of the The Mom’s Choice Awards®, MCA is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services for children, families and educators. 

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Self-Care Sundays

Add a little soothing honey to your routine - whether it's your morning routine or part of your beauty regimen, a little bit goes a long way!

Post-Procedure Perfection

Ideal for superior, soothing and smooth healing post procedure, including laser and radiation treatments!

After-Burn After-Care

Learn how to replenish and hydrate your skin with BEECure® after a long day in the sun - it's all about the science behind the skin care!


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